Sean spent over 20 years in food service. He is experienced and trained in every aspect of restaurant and coffee house management including chef, back kitchen management, barista, and front end supervisor. After managing multiple kitchens and restaurants he decided to add owner to
his list of food service titles!

Solstice Cafe is a
blending of Sean's
dream of opening a
restaurant that is a community gathering place with food and music, and a Jill's dream of having a wellness center and coffeehouse with birth and public health classes for education, support and camaraderie.  Together they created a magical atmosphere for chilling, eating, learning and community building.

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Owners Jill Chasse  and Sean Williams 

Jill is a doctor of public health (DrPH) and epidemiologist, who spent over 15 years designing and managing programs for maternal/child health. She decided to take a break from the fast paced federal healthcare world open the cafe and wellness center with Sean to provide a place for public health education, a meeting place for
                   families, and a relaxing
os                atmosphere to read, study, and             and  enjoy gourmet coffee or            herbal tea reminiscent of her days in                    New England and travel to                          Europe! 

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