Solstice Cafe


A Coffeehouse with a Twist

"Promoting creativity, culture, camaraderie, and coffee!"
and Wellness Center
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Open Every Day! 
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See us i the paper!

🎵  ☕ Live music ** Local Artists/Vendors: "Small Business Corner"  **
 ☕  🎵​​Classes & Workshops  ** Health Seminars   ☕  🎵​

Solstice Cafe is your community coffee shop, alive with music and culture!
Promoting local artists and vendors  in our "shop local" corner, featuring local bands, offering pregnancy and parenting classes, health and safety seminars, and hosting everything from mommy's groups to drumming circles to book clubs!
Events and Classes
          🎵​🎤  ON THE STAGE  🎤🎵​
                         7-10pm select nights

* FRIDAY:  Espresso Yourself' 🎤Open mic
                night. Let's see what you've got!

* SATURDAY: 💀 Hard Rock Haven - Not 
               for the faint of heart! Come see                    local bands rock the night out 

* 5-7 SUNDAY: Acoustic Alchemy- 
                 a seemingly magical process of
                 musical transformation and
                 creation of voices, guitars, and

* 5-7 every TUESDAY:Happy Hour 'Drumming
                       Circle- bring your percussion
                       devices and let's party 

* last Thursday of the month!! 5-7 THURSDAY: 'Cajun Cafe'come and enjoy
                   specialty coffee drinks
                   and music from the bayou

Weekly: Please sign up in advance

* MONDAY, 11-12: Monday Meditation- (OPEN TO ALL) Relax away the stress from the weekend and start the week with a guided meditation  Each 1 hour class is $25. Set of (5) classes = $100 

*TUESDAY: 9-10 Cafe Arts- morning fun kids play group/ arts and crafts outside (only $5 per child for supplies). 

* WEDNESDAY:  10-11 am-  Peaceful Baby Guided Meditation- Learn and practice relaxations for pregnancy and birth- to help with labor and prebirth bonding.  Each 1 hour class is $25. Set of (5) classes = $100 

*THURSDAY:  10-11, Smart Start Learning - Cognitive, emotional and physical development for infants. Integrated and purposeful multisensory stimulation directed by Dr. Jill Chasse! Learn hands-on activities together to stimulate your baby’s mental and physical development. Parents and babies come together in a fun and creative group environment. Each 1 hour class is $25. Set of (5) classes = $100 

* FRIDAY 9-10: FREE "Fri-YAY storytime" -               (recommended ages 2-5 yr.)  

​* SATURDAY: 9-10 am- KIDS YO.D.A (yoga, dance, aerobics)  Each 1 hour class is $25. Set of (5) classes = $100 


Thanks to everyone who came to the Farmers Market this year!

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if you're interested in scheduling an event, booking a gig or signing up for health & wellness activities!



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446-a River Styx Road,
Hopatcong, NJ 07843
right before the River Styx Bridge
just past Hudson Maxim ES

Solstice Cafe and Wellness Center
446a River Styx Rd., Hopatcong, NJ 07843
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