August 2017!


Solstice Cafe
A Coffeehouse with a Twist

"Promoting creativity, culture, camaraderie, and coffee!"
and Wellness Center

🎵  ☕ Live music ** Local Artists **
 ☕  🎵​​Classes & Workshops  ** Health Seminars   ☕  🎵​

Solstice Cafe is your community coffee shop, alive with music and culture!
Displaying local artists on our walls, featuring local bands, offering pregnancy and parenting classes, health and safety seminars, and hosting everything from mommy's groups to drumming circles to book clubs!
Events and Classes

* MONDAY, 8:30-10:30: Monday Morning
               Mommy Maintenence- Meet
               here for coffee, chatting and
               support- FREE

*TUESDAY- KIDS YO.D.A (yoga, dance, aerobics) ($25 a class or 5 classes for $100)

* WEDNESDAY: 9-11 summer morning fun kids play group/ arts and crafts outside (only $5 per child for supplies)

* FRIDAY 9-10: FREE "Fri-YAY storytime" -               (recommended ages 2-5 yr.)  


* Reproductive and Preconception Health

BEBE (c) Childbirth education

* Guided Meditations and Relaxations
   for pregnancy and birth

* Insect Safety

* Healthy Traveling

* Pre-birth bonding

                                  CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP
                               OR FOR MORE WORKSHOPS
          🎵​🎤  ON THE STAGE  🎤🎵​

* FRIDAY:  Espresso Yourself' 🎤Open mic
                night. Let's see what you've got!

* SATURDAY: Acoustic Alchemy-
                 a seemingly magical process of
                 musical transformation and
                 creation of voices, guitars, and

* SUNDAY: 💀 Hard Rock Haven - Not
               for the faint of heart! Come see                    local bands rock the night out 

* TUESDAY: 'Drumming Circle- bring your
                   percussion devices and let's

* THURSDAY: 'Cajun Cafe'come and enjoy
                    specialty food and music from
                    the bayou

Come See Us at the Hopatcong Farmer's Market!!

contact us
if you're interested in scheduling an event, booking a gig or signing up for health & wellness activities!

Contact Us

446-a River Styx Road,
Hopatcong, NJ 07843
right before the River Styx Bridge
just past Hudson Maxim ES